Government of India
Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises


About Incubation :-
i) Objective of the Scheme:
The objective of the scheme is to promote and support untapped creativity and to promote adoption of latest technologies in MSMEs that seek the validation of their ideas at the proof-of-concept level. The scheme also supports engagement with enablers who will advise such MSMEs in expanding the business by supporting them in design, strategy and execution.

ii) Activities
  • Recognition of eligible institutions as Host Institute (HI) to act as Business Incubator (BI)
  • Approval of Ideas of Incubatees submitted through Host Institute (HI)
  • Assistance for nurturing of Ideas to HI
  • Assistance towards Capital Support to HI for Plant and Machinery

iii) Eligibility Criteria: Registration as Host Institute (HI)
Institutions such as Technical Colleges, Universities, other Professional Colleges/Institutes, R&D Institutes, NGOs involved in incubation activities, MSME-DIs/ Technology Centres or any Institute/Organization of Central/State Government may apply for registration as an HI and act as a Business Incubator (BI) for nurturing of ideas from the initial stage of conceptualization to the commercialization stage through HIs/ BIs. The institutions may apply for registration as HI through the MIS portal of the DC MSME website. ( . All earlier approved Host Institutes (HIs) will be continued as HI for scheme implementation.

iv) Financial Assistance under the Scheme:
  1. Up to maximum of Rs. 15 lakh per idea shall be provided to HI for developing and nurturing the ideas.
  2. Up to Rs. 1.00 cr. (max) shall be provided to HI for procurement and installation of relevant plant and machines including hardware and software etc. in BI for R&D activities and common facilities for incubatees of BI