Marketing Assistance & Technology Upgradation

This is a GoI initiative for adoption of modern marketing techniques by MSMEs, consistent with the requirement of global markets. The scheme is divided into eight sub-components, and GoI assistance is available in various proportions.

  • Funding support for conducting awareness on new packaging technologies (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Cluster based studies on packaging status and need for upgradation (gap analysis) (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Unit based intervention for packaging requirement (pilot) (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Funding support for conducting skill upgradation / development programmes for modern marketing techniques (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Funding support for conducting trade competition studies (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Funding support to MSMEs belonging to North-Eastern Region for participation in marketing events (for North –East Region MSMEs)
  • Funding for participation of MSMEs in State/District level local exhibitions/trade fairs support (reimbursement) (Registered MSMEs)
  • Funding support (in the form of re-imbursement) to MSMEs for adopting corporate governance practices (Registered MSMEs)
  • Funding support for setting up of marketing hubs
  • Re-imbursement to ISO 18000/ISO 22000/ISO 27000 certification for MSMEs
  • GoI assistance of Rs.0.50 lakh per programme (GoI:unit :: 80:20) - per awareness programme
  • GoI assistance of Rs.10 lakh (GoI:unit :: 80:20) - for cluster based study on packaging.
  • GoI assistance of Rs.9 lakh (GoI:unit :: 80:20) for a group of 10 units towards unit based interventions for packaging requirements in clusters
  • GoI assistance of Rs.6 lakh (GoI: unit :: 80:20) per cluster for skill upgradation programmes
  • GoI assistance of Rs.8 lakh (GoI:unit :: 80:20) per trade competition study
  • Re-imbursement up to Rs.75,000 per unit (North–East) for space charge, to and fro and transport charges
  • The total r-eimbursement up to Rs.30,000 per unit for SC/ST/woman/physically handicapped entrepreneurs, and Rs.20,000 per person for other MSME units for participation in state and district level trade fairs
  • Re-imbursement up to 50% of total expenditure subject to maximum of Rs.45,000 per MSME for adopting corporate government practices
  • Funding support of Rs.30 lakh (GoI) for marketing hubs, plus Rs.5 lakh (GoI) for furniture, IT, etc., and recurring expenses of Rs.15 lakh (80% GoI, 20% private units) for 2 years
  • One time re-imbursement of expenditure to the extent of 75% subject to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh in each case for acquiring ISO certification
  • Any competent agency as mentioned in the EoI guidelines, MSMEs, industry associations, NGOs
  • SSC supported by the office of DC (MSME) will identify and approve the manufacturing MSME clusters/units for participating in state/district level local/exhibitions/trade fairs on the basis of responses received through MSME-DIs, industry associations, and NGOs
  • The applicant MSME will submit its claim along with required documents to he local MSME-DI office for re-imbursement in the prescribed format.

For adopting corporate governance practices

  • Office of the DC-MSME will identify the MSME units for participating in this activity on the basis of the request received through the MSME-DIs, Industry Associations and NGOs
  • The applicant MSME unit will submit the claim along with required documents to the local MSME-DI office for re-imbursement in the prescribed format

For re-imbursement of certification

  • The application form is given along with the scheme guidelines at: (
  • Fill in the application form and send it to the Regional MSME-DI along with supporting documents.