Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness for MSMEs

The scheme is intended for enhancing the manufacturing competitiveness of MSMEs through the application of various Lean Manufacturing (LM) techniques.

Financial assistance for implementation of lean manufacturing techniques, primarily the cost of lean manufacturing consultant (80% by GoI and 20% by beneficiaries).

Lean manufacturing consultants (LMCs) will raise bills for services provided to SPV; SPV will pay the first installment of 20% to the LMC and will get it reimbursed by the NMIU; funds will be transferred to the NMIU by GoI. The payment to LMC by SPV would be on a milestone basis in 5 tranches of 20% each.

The scheme is open to all manufacturing MSEs. The units should be registered with the DIC (EM-II) or with any other agency (professional body, association, Government agency, department, etc.). The units are required to form a MC, ideally of 10 units (minimum 6), by signing among themselves a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to participate in the scheme.

  • A group of SMEs can apply for the scheme, hence either a recognised SPV can apply or a mini cluster can be formed by a group of 10 or more units.
  • The SPV can apply to the National Monitoring and Implementing Unit (National Productivity Council for the Scheme) in the given format.
  • The approval is given in two steps; first, the provisional approval, and final approval is given once the criteria of the provisional approval are fulfilled.