Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators

The scheme endeavours to provide early stage funding for nurturing innovative business ideas (new indigenous technology, processes, products, procedures, etc.) which could be commercialised in a year. Under this scheme financial assistance is provided for setting up of business incubators.

Funding support for setting up of ‘Business Incubators (BI)’: The cost may vary from Rs.4 to 8 lakh for each incubatee/idea, subject to overall ceiling of Rs.62.5 lakh for each BI. Items @ per BI:

(a) Upgradation of infrastructure Rs. 2.50 lakh
(b) Orientation/training Rs. 1.28 lakh
(c)Administrative expenses Rs. 0.22 lakh
Thus the total assistance per BI - Rs. 66.50 lakh

Any individual or MSME having innovative ideas ready for commercialisation can apply to the host institution (e.g., IITs, NITs, technical colleges, research institutes, etc.). See the list of host institutions at


Any technical institution (as given in the EoI) which wants to become host institution can apply to the office of the Development Commissioner – MSME

(DC-MSME) or their nearest MSME-DI for funding support.

  • Application can be made by the technical institution which wants to be host institution once a Request For Proposal (RFP)/Expression of Interest (EoI) is released.
  • Any individual or MSME can apply directly to their nearest host institution, a list of host institutions is given on the website: http://www.dcmsme.gov.in/ schemes/Institutions_Detail.pdf