Waste Minimisation & Clean Technology

Waste Minimization is an appropriate strategy to address the problems of industrial pollution. The scheme aims to assist the Small and Medium Scale Industries in adoption of cleaner production practices.

The objectives of the clean technology scheme are as follows:

i) To develop and promote programmes for clean technologies

ii) To develop tools and techniques for pollution prevention

iii) To formulate strategies and programmes in sustainable development.

iv) To prevent pollution in small scale industries.

Activities relating to demonstration of already proven cleaner technologies/techniques, preparation of sector-specific manuals on waste minimisation, setting up of ‘Waste Minimisation Circles’ in specific clusters of small scale industries, training and awareness programmes for the personnel in small scale industries and waste minimisation and demonstration studies in selected sector.

Grants/Assistance will also be given for studies related to environmental management.

NGO, Societies, Corporates and Research Institutions.

Apply to

Director (CP), Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi 110003.