Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs)

The Ministry has undertaken a centrally sponsored scheme for enabling the MSEs to set- up Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) in the country. The MSEs are polluting the environment through their effluents but some of them are unable to afford installation of pollution control equipment. In order to encourage use of new technologies for CETPs for existing MSE clusters of units a scheme for financial assistance has been formulated.

Projects for assistance will be prioritised on the basis of:

- Toxicity of pollutants

- Pollution load being generated and to be treated; and

- Number of units covered The scheme must have the technical recommendation of the State Pollution Control Boards.

Pattern of Financial Assistance:

- State subsidy: 25% of project cost

- Central subsidy: 25% of project cost

- Entrepreneurs contribution: 20% of project cost

- Loan from financial institutions: 30% of project cost.

CETPs in industrial estates or in a cluster of MSEs are encouraged. Central Assistance will be available only for Clusters of MSEs.

Apply to the Director, Pollution Control Division Ministry in prescribed format.