Project profile on Flour Mill

Food is the most required product since human kind came into existence. Modern era looks for quality food products. Therefore demand for food in the market is perennial.

Raw material is available in and around the country side. People looking for quality food material are residing everywhere. There is enough market potential for standardized food products.

The unit is located at the premises of the residences of the target group in a rented building

Production will be spanning eight hours a day and 25 days in a month. In two years full capacity will be utilized. Minimum wages will be paid to the labourers. Rate of the loan will be 15% per annum. Margin money by the promoter will at the rate of 50%.
Commencement of commercial production will start within six month clearing all mandatory measures

Manufacturing process: The various steps involved in the flour manufacturing are as follows.

  • Washing
  • Grading
  • Drying
  • Flouring
  • Packing
Land and Building :- 100 sq/m area rented.
Sl. No Item Cost (Rs.)
1 Pulvariser with accessories 16,600
2 Double stage pulvariser 17,800
3 Roaster 20,500
4 Gas connection 10,000
5 Weighing Balance 8,000
6 Sealing Machine 3,000
7 Vessels 6,000
Total 125,000 Item (Rs.)
1 Raw Materials 50,000
2 Wages 39,000
3 Electricity Charges 9,000
4 Gas 2,000
Total 100,000



Cost (Rs.)

1 Building 25,000
2 Machinery 125,000
3 Working Capital 100,000
Total 250,000
Promoter’s contribution 125,000
Bank Loan 125,000
Total 250,000 Item

Amount (Rs.)

1 Working Capital 100,000
2 Loan Repayment 5,000
Total 105,000
Sales 115,000
Expenditure 105,000
Profit 10,000