Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
(Government of India)

Welcome to Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises - Seeking Problems for Hackathon

Ministry of HRD will be running a Hackathon soon. In this Ministry of MSME will also propose some challenges in following areas:

  1. Utilisation of industrial waste.
  2. Single use plactics, where alternate solutions can be created.
  3. Problem which can be solved using virtual reality.
  4. Areas where artificial intelligence can be implemented in MSME like for improving productivity, quality etc.
  5. Areas where IOT based solutions can be developed to improve monitoring & productivity in MSMEs

You as an esteemed member of MSME family is requested to suggest some problem in above areas which can be taken as challenges for the Hackathon & create value for MSMEs

Click here for Submitting the Problems for Hackathon.

The Home page for this can alternatively be accessed from the web address at and clicking on icon "Problems for Hackathon"

A User Manual explaining the process of all the forms is attached for your reference. Click here to know more about this User Manual.