Facility for Visit Reporting Portal of Aspirational Districts

1. Login to Web application by clicking on https://my.msme.gov.in/MyMsme/ldapLogin.aspx Alternatively, go to http://my.msme.gov.in and click on Aspirational District icon which is 2nd Icon on the dashboard. This link is also available on http://msme.gov.in and http://dcmsme.gov.in . How to Login : i. Once you click on the link mentioned above, you will be prompted to give your Official Email ID’s first part (e.g. if your Id is skg@nic.in, give “skg” as login. If your id is bbsahoo@dcmsme.gov.in , then give “bbsahoo.dcmsme” as login id. If your id is abc@gov.in, give “abc” as login id.). Password will be same as your Email password which you use to access mail.gov.in or email.gov.in.

2. After login, you will have option to Fix the Meeting schedule of Visit. It can be done once the visit dates has been finalized and tickets for travel have been booked.

3. Visit Feedback Entry. After the visit, Officers have to fill Feedback form which have 17 Fields including uploads (Maximum five uploads can be done).

Click here for login... Aspirational District Visit Officer Login